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Dr Flue

The business of Dr Flue was created in 1988 and added to the owners existing business which was started in 1975.

From small beginnings marketing flue system components, Dr Flue now has an extensive range of Firegrates and a comprehensive range of spare parts for older space heaters, woodburners, coal ranges and chip heaters.

Dr Flue are proud suppliers of the Firenzo and Metro range of modern, efficient popular new woodburners and accessories.

To improve the value of your woodburner investment and to assist in equalizing your home's air temperature we highly recommend installing an Air Transfer System to distribute the excess heated air capitulated at the ceiling of the heated room to cooler areas of your home.

The safety of young ones is paramount, for which we supply a range of Childguards, and for the safety of your home a wide selection of Firescreens for the open fireplace.

WE, that is, operators of woodburners and open fires, are responsible for the emissions we allow into the atmosphere. Dr Flue is very proactive in promoting the BEST PRACTICE to achieve the minimum emissions realistically.

Dr Flue is a member of the NZ Home Heating Association and the Auckland Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks for visiting our site and perhaps learning something new or seeing a product you would like for your WARMTH & COMFORT.

For more information please contact us.

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Grates Galore

We pride ourselves in having the greatest range of firegrates on display. Our facilities enable us to fabricate large grates for those special open fireplaces from the range we stock.

All our firegrates are made from high quality cast iron, the material man has used for centuries to create grates and high quality stoves.

Our range stretches from the small colonial grates of 14” or 355mm wide to very heavy duty grates up to 1100mm wide. Wider grate configurations available – send your request.

Your grate support can be either the fireplace bricks, known as hobs or plain simple steel bar legs.

To dress the decor around your fireplace we have a range of black or brass Andirons

For more information please contact us.

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