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Metro Woodburners
ECO Flue Systems

ECO Flue Systems are a new innovation from Metro and are the result of years of research and testing. The ECO Flue Systems differ from conventional flue kits in that cooling air for the system is not taken from inside the home, but is drawn from outside. The energy savings achieved by installing a Metro ECO Flue System are quite dramatic, with independent testing of a conventional flue kit resulting in 7.5 litres per second of the warmest air available in the room being drawn out of the home.

In addition to the substantial energy savings,, the ECO Flue Systems have the added benefit of reducing wind noise being transmitted into the room due to thermal/acoustic insulation fitted into the ceiling plate. The ECO Flue Systems are available for freestanding Metros only and cannot be fitted to any other brand woodburner as the approvals granted relate to Metro only.

Energy Savings
Energy savings from installing an ECO Flue System will vary for every installation. Longer flues produce more straight draught as does wind outside the home, both of which will result in more heat loss through a conventional flue kit. Independent testing of a conventional flue kit siphoned 7.5 litres per second out of the room in a "best case" installation with no wind and a standard length flue. This installation will empty an average sized room once every hour, 24 hours a day every day of the year irrespective of whether the fire is burning or not. ECO Flue Systems eliminate this heat loss from your home, keeping you warmer while saving you money through reduced fule consumption and at the same time benefiting the environment. With good insulation you will be as warm as toast all winter long in the coolest of climates.

Metro ECO Flue Systems
As the illustration to the right shows, with an ECO Flue System the heat produced by your Metro woodburner stays in your home. The cooling air for the flue is drawn from either the ceiling cavity or outside the home if no ceiling cavity exists, as with a sloping ceiling. This results in a warmer home with reduced fuel consumption, because with an ECO Flue System the only heat loss from inside the home is what is lost through the insulation in the ceiling and walls.

Conventional Flue Kits
The illustration to the right shows how a conventional flue system draws air from the room to keep itself cool, resulting in the warmest air rising from your woodburner being drawn from your home. This discarded warm air is then replaced with cold outside air drawn back into your home. On a cond winter's night, this hugely inefficient system will empty an average sized room once every hour of potentially 45°C air. it replaces it with outside air which in some regions will be below zero, so it's not only the flue that's cooled !

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