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Firenzo Free Standing Woodburners

Lady Kitchener
The mother of our woodburner range has stood the test of time and for many has become their favourite choice in home heating. Its ageless, rustic beauty brings a sense of pioneering heritage to classically styled rooms yet its efficiency and heat output can’t be matched. Popular throughout New Zealand and reputed to be one of the worlds most efficient, clean burning fires. Lady Kitchener can be supplied with either pedestal base, ash drawer base or legs.
Traditional craftsmanship is expressed in this highly functional, compact designed woodburner that is more suited to smaller homes. Its high heat output and extended burn times will be appreciated in the depths of winter as it continues to radiate heat even after the fire has gone out. Bronte can be supplied with either pedestal base, ash drawer base or legs.
Bronte Rear Outlet
The Bronte rear outlet version is adaptable to a wide variety of situations and particularly suitable for fitting in front of existing fireplaces. It is also an ideal replacement for Juno space heaters. The rear outlet option is available for most of the Firenzo free standing woodburners.
Enjoy the relaxing experience of surrounding yourselves in never ending, blazing warmth radiating from this visually enthralling woodburner. The beautifully curved lines and European inspired design make it compatible with a myriad of interior schemes and particularly striking amongst modern fitments.
This full of heat, cast iron and steel woodburner will keep large rooms warm, day and night, in the coldest of climates. You will be amazed with its capacity to heat large volumes of water while still being incredibly efficient. The wide glass viewing panel adds to the feeling of warmth and relaxation. Contessa can be supplied with either pedestal base, ash drawer base or legs.

Zealandia Multi Fuel
The master of originality, this specially engineered fire is multi – purpose as it can burn wood or coal, heat home and water and can cook food as well. Its brash, robust appearance is reminiscent of nostalgic times, but inside the firebox is all modern power and capable of heating the coldest of homes.

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