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Metro Woodburners
Pedestal Range

Metro Pioneer Ped
Metro Pioneer Ped the compact Metro with big performance, a heavy 6mm carbon steel firebox with refractory firebrick lining, and available with Metro's exclusive optional Euro Door. Pioneer Ped Rear Outlet - The Pioneer Ped is also available as a 'rear outlet' model enabling the flue to be diverted into another room or into an open fireplace. Optional height pedestals are available including a 'Juno' swap-over pedestal.
Colour options: The Pioneer Ped Rear Outlet is available in matt black vitreous enamel only, while the top flued Pioneeer Peds are available in matt black, matt brown, dark charcoal and forest green vitreous enamel.
Metro Aspire Ped
Metro Aspire Ped is clearly the flagship of the Pedestal series. Metro's angled front is complemented on the Aspire with the Euro Door fitted as standard and curved panels with soft radiuses, achieving a visual effect that is truly stunning. The Aspire also incorporates a unique primary air induction system, which coupled with the Aspire's optional fan, will increase total tested output by a further 2.1kW.
Colour options: The Aspire Ped series is available in matt black, dark charcoal and forest green vitreous enamel, or the silver finish as pictured.
Metro Xtreme Ped
Metro Xtreme Ped is the Metro Pioneer's big brother, specifically designed for large areas. It features an overnight burn capability to ensure you never wake to a cold home. The large door opening and deep firebox will take chunky pieces of timber, up to 500mm long, so you spend less time cutting wood.
Colour options: available in matt black, matt brown, dark charcoal and forest green vitreous enamel.

Metro Mega Ped
Metro Mega Ped - as the largest convection Metro, the Mega Ped boasts a massive 103 litre firebox which with the optional fan fitted produces an impressive 23.5kw, making it 1st equal with its Mega Rad cousin as New Zealand's No. 1 tested output woodfire. Cooking and water heating are dominant features of this model and, like the Mega Rad, an optional 7kW boiler is available as a retro-fitted option to run radiators or a section of underfloor heating.
Colour options: available in matt black vitreous enamel only.

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