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Metro Woodburners
Traditional Range

Metro Tiny Trad
Metro Tiny-Trad is the smallest Metro of them all, boasting the smallest ash hearth of any New Zealand woodfire, but with a tested output of 11kW it is ideally suited for heating areas of up to 110 square metres. The Tiny-Trad, as all Metros, comes with wetback options; but unique to the Tiny-Trad is its ability to operate efficiently on smaller diameter flues of either 115mm or 125mm. It will also double as a "Chippy" by fitting two Pioneer side boilers, producing lots of hot water.
Metro Pioneer Trad
Metro Pioneer Trad has been designed to heat an average 3 bedroom New Zealand home, but also has the control enabling this compact woodfire to heat small areas like batches, cribs and two bedroom units. Available with Poineer's exclusive optional Euro Door offering a panoramic view of the fire, while the gentle curve of the door adds a subtle European style.
Metro Xtreme Trad
Metro Xtreme Trad, the big brother of the Pioneer Trad, is designed for heating larger areas of up to 200 square meters, and is easily capable of an overnight burn to keep your home warm all winter long. The large door opening and deep firebox will take bulky pieces of timber up to 500mm in length, and the large cook top grill enables this Trad to offer the practical convenience of being able to cook the evening meal.
Metro Aspire Trad
Metro Aspire Trad is the flagship of the Metro range, with Pioneer's exclusive Euro Door option fitted as standard. Its large size and curved front give it a chunky appearance, which can be a dominant feature in any setting. Both the Aspire Trad and the Aspire Ped use a unique primary air induction system and can be fitted with an optional fan; combined, these increase tested output by a further 2.1kW.
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