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Metro Woodburners
Radiant vs Convection

Metro Radiant - (radiant)
Radiant Woodfires release heat into the room by "radiating" a black infra red heat directly from the outer surfaces of the appliance, onto any object in close proximity resulting in more heat being retained lower in the room. Ideal for homes with high ceilings or poor insulation, or for applications when direct radiant heat is preferred, ie. people suffering from arthritic or circulatory problems.

Metro offer three semi-radiant woodburners, all of which have convection chambers on the rear face enabling minimal rear wall clearances. With three sizes and outputs available, Metro have a Radiant option to suit the smallest to the largest of homes.

Metro Convection - (pedestal & traditional)
Convection woodburners "convect" hot air vertically from the top of the appliance resulting in the home being heated from the ceiling down. Generally better suited for insulated homes with standard height ceilings, convection woodburners heat more evenly throughout the home by eliminating the localised intensity of a radiant woodburner, and operate with cooler cabinet surfaces.

Metro offer an extensive range of convection woodburners, which includes the entire Traditional, Pedestal and Insert series Metros. All convection Metros emit radiant heat through the door glass, enabling you to warm yourself quickly when returning home on a cold winter's evening.

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